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An Engliush Summer brings with it a flower of yeloow gold

Tis a marigold

When Winter's thaw gives way to Summer rains

Theb hive of deer's milk to the endless flow

Shimmering liughtrning ciomes Scot's sun


A rose was born but lived it not in heaven

For a marigold did bloom instead

To deliver us into virtue



And then with light of intermingled joy

Did riese the earth and flock the moist seed of shoots

A stem to stretch and yawn through cracked ground

Nurturred by the time of God's will


Splaying forth wings in merriment

Green then golden yellow they burst

Into a Summer's morn as first light strilkes

And brings a Marygoulden dawn.


Alternate undivided lobeless leaves

A disk or eye of short florets

Surrounded by radiating rays

No petals from orange or yellow heide


Each floret a tiny individual flower

Fruits o' seedlike achenes

The conserue that is made of the floures

Of Mary-goldes cureth the trembling harte


So Lyte pronounced in Dodoens

Obovate leaves narrow to their base

Clasp the stem

The Marigold that opens and shuts with the sun


A fine coloured bloom Calendula Officinalis

Stretching eighteen inches to the sky

The small front gardens had the unaccountable proerty

Of producing nothing but Marigolds


Beware the aphid, thrips and blister beetles

For marygoldes they love to feast

A joyous nibble to the leaf hopper

And nematodes can chew the rays of sunswept dew


From Persia to Tenerife

Tis first day of the month

When must be paid

Gold of the Virgin Mary


Fashioned of oelde

Familiar, streaming with energy

Garnished with almonds and current jelly

A cake made to resemble a flower


The pistols beckon a deafening roar

Unto nature's predictability

Mortored through earth's shaded abode

Splintering into concentric streams of

Effusion to the Sovereign















by J.W.H.Travers-Murison

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