Osho Samaya

by Dhyan Abhay


Samaya is a beautiful 100 acre bushland property nestled in the lush hinterland of Rosebank, 30 minutes from Byron Bay. Open your heart in a unique event where the focus is to celebrate the ecstasy, joy and spirit of life. Take time to stop and to become aware of the pleasures in each moment through simple activities and meditations which nourish the body and soul.

Become acquainted with yourself and learn the simple art of being silent. If this sounds right for you then try a very reasonably priced weekend retreat.

Every month a retreat is offered. Try and be there by 5pm to settle in before dinner. It finishes on Sunday afternoon at sunset with a sauna. Guests are welcome to continue to stay extra days to relax and experience community life.

I was nourished with delicious vegetarian meals and snacks which were provided all inclusive. Comfortable accomodation is available in the Samaya main house in male and female dormitories (up to 6 beds each). Private rooms are also an option. Or for a cheaper option bring your own tent and camp.

Samaya is an established community of residents and friends which has evolved over a seven year period. The community follows a simple, natural lifestyle which encourages meditation, relaxation and creativity. Meditations are offered daily and support personal growth and harmony for the members of the community and visitors.

Many of the residents have healing skills and I received a very therapeutic reiki from Kartar. Anu does massage and kiniosology is also available. Some of the residents are into raw food diets.

Glorious views of Lismore and Rosebank greet you in the morning and I slept under the stars on the balcony a few times and extended my stay to three weeks and another retreat. The hospitable and kind company of the residents made me feel very much part of the family.

Heavenly space in nature to relax is where the retreat is held. This is in a semi-open air space down the hill from the house and called quaintly by the residents, "the shed".

A creek and swimming hole follows a gentle walk to a discrete meadow where one can strip off in seclusion. A stone sweat lodge sometimes gets pumped up to chant out all your frustrations and purify the inner you.

Walking tracks and rainforest covered in lantana creep through the property and allow one to connect with nature and a few grass ticks. A wallaby occasionally visits the house.

Gourmet vegetarian meals were a delight for me prepared by Anu and Kartar, an ex-pastry chef who makes delicious cakes. The subtle flavours of the dal and rice with home made bread reminded me of India.

Fresh juices to start the day are a cocktail of garden grown lettuces, combined with organic carrots and beetroot.

Meditation varies from silence to gibberish. The standard Osho meditations of Dynamic, Kundalini, Nataraj and Goreshenka will reassure you. However the jewel in the crown is the group healing sharings, massages and trust activities.

Silence and sharing are a perfect combination to open the heart. All this while I felt protected and able to shed a tear without judgement from others. I even was able to frankly discuss personal frustrations with other members and so make closer connections seeing more clearly my own projecting of my needs onto others.

The experience made me more aware of who I am and where I am going, which I have found invaluable in dealing with relationships, both personal and business. A quiet self-confidence and inner glow that wherever I go I am loved unconditionally.

Sauna, Healing and a Community meal attended by guests and residents ended a wondrous journey into the heart. People who want to experience a place of non-judgement and awareness then this is a must; as their spiritual master says -

"There is a Space inside you, a fountain of clarity - your heart. Slip out of the head and fall into the heart, and Suddenly - one is aware." - Osho


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