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Wendy why do you haunt me?

What do you want from me?

The crucifix you hold

Your forlorn tousled hair

Your broken neck that juts out

Sticking out of your spine

Your clothes covered in dirt and waste

Urinated on and falling down

That dirty old decrepit blanket

That surrounds your bent body

That body that craves lust's affection

Yet those blank blue eyes give nothing

I try to console you

And you react with hate and abuse

You who are lost

Detached from the material world

Yet it does not let you go

And the ogres of this world do not see

You are laughed at and you laugh

But your laughter is full of hate

You think you don't care but you do

You are not happy as you take,

As you drink water from the restaurant's jug

As you pour it down your mouth and dress

No one stops you when you leave

Your car double parked in Fitzroy Street

Mercedes toot their horns

They crawl around the broken beaten hulk

They wish you were gone but you stay

Haunt them, haunt me, are you there?


Am I torturing your empty soul?

I feel so inadequate, can't do anything

Wish I could hope to see you happy

But when you talk of boats to Tasmania

Tickets that don't exist

Speak so cruelly of others' sexuality

You just aren't there

How can I make love to someone

Who is not there, who doesn't seem to care

Who walks barefoot through St Kilda

Who lives out of their broken car

Who got raped on Om Beach in India.


What can I say, what is there for me?

You have no room for another

You're so full of yourself

You have no room for others

And you can't even look after yourself

End your misery, think how others feel.

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