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UOCA's programs include adventure sports, improving fitness and losing weight as well as adopting a more positive and compassionate attitude in your life and relationships. Here are example training courses on nutrition and 8 Powers to master your mind.


See http://depreco.blogspot.com/ and http://8power.blogspot.com/



You may want to live in our ashrams, attend an UOCA yoga retreat or daily classes?







If you wish to stay at the ashram currently in the process of being set up as a long term resident go to UOCA Yoga Ashram and please read the code first then click here for an application form or email for an application form to be sent to you at info@wna.org.au.







Please click here for more info. An UOCA yoga teacher can come to your house, hotel, resort, or where ever to give you one on one personal training in yoga and meditation.



Coming soon daily yoga class, relaxation, meditation, nutrition and UOCA studies classes - see timetable for AUSTRALIA.



If you would like to participate in a raw yoga retreat (by recommended donation), you will receive training in UOCA's techniques and yoga. Two day weekend retreat - starting Friday 7 pm to Sunday 5 pm. Optional stay over but must bring own bedding and portable mattress unless prior arrangement has been made. Closest to full moon: Weekend. Click here for more info and application form or email for an application form to be sent to you.




with love


James Travers-Murison


Practising Yoga for 19 years he has developed his own style based on Sivananda and Ashtanga called UOCA Yoga.

LLB. BA. (Monash) Dip. FTW&P (Aus. Coll. Journ.) Grad. Dip. Ed. (Aus. Cath. Univ.) Cert. IV Small Bus. Manag.




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