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Our goal is to become a more conscious, enlightened being called an

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UOCA considers that it may be that the next best stage for the planet is a period of ultra-capitalism. When the user is forced to pay for absolutely everything then he will take responsibility for his actions. Only when man’s greed is taken to the absolute extreme will he surrender his materialistic ego to spiritual awakening. Capitalism is therefore not to be opposed but to be transformed. Therefore the economic rationalists are very much to be supported as spiritual communists. Socialist interventionism will be inefficient unless put under the direct financial control of the user to be benefited – the local community, school, etc. Its greed will ensure efficiency. Indirect regulation through standards/benchmarks will minimise misuse.




To this extent UOCA promotes a compulsory insurance scheme to cover welfare in particular unemployment insurance paying 60% of last wage to protect the individual family from poverty for a limited time that gradually scales down as is the case in many other countries. UOCA believes that individuals need to work for their own good as well as for society. Therefore unemployment benefits will last only 3 months before a job paid at a fair wage will be given to the individual. If he chooses not to take it then benefits are cut. The job will be provided by the government working with private enterprise on sponsored schemes to benefit society. The job will not require dislocation and will be basically consistent with the individual’s skills and or provide retraining in an area agreed by the individual. The job will be economically and socially beneficial to the society and not a communist style job welfare paying people to do virtually nothing in employment, rigorous measures and checks will be placed to ensure that the jobs produce economic benefit. In this respect the user pays system should be incorporated such that the government subsidies and programs and bodies checking are charged to the individual through a special tax on them in their new employment. This should also provide incentive for the individual to find other work not through this scheme. One only need look at the disgraceful condition of Australia’s country roads to see where jobs in the highly unemployed country areas could be created. Housing shortages overcome by creating construction jobs and training. But this is a small aspect of jobs – most of them will be created by actually using the high level of education that is underutilised in this country to offer services to developing countries like in education, computers, law, engineering, etc which can be run from Australia and applied overseas. And in this way we will be providing a socially useful outlet to improve the developing world to bring it to our standard. Other welfare payments to disabled, single mother’s etc, will be subject to similar constraints, unless the disability is so severe that work is not possible of any type. Childcare will be provided to single mother’s in order to allow them to work. Additional penalties will be applied to father’s who walk out on families in order to cover the social cost of their decision just as mother’s who walk out of a relationship will also have to bear a disincentive even if they take the child. All the above will be negotiated with the individual. Significantly more resources will go to support unemployed starting new enterprises. Including loans, infrastructure, offices etc. (NEIS currently is a joke).  This will not be done because it is economically cheaper, it will be done to benefit the individual primarily and the society secondly in the knowledge that in the long term the additional cost of this new welfare program will vastly be overtaken by the social benefits and long term economic benefits of having a working adult population. This should put Australia in the forefront of world social and economic progress.




I digress to Australia’s situation in the world as I am here. The current Australian Liberal government hopefully will follow this process with consequent efficiency, however the Liberal-Nationals under Morrison are not adequately co-operating with the local and state governments to find the best solutions. Abbott, we consider to be a vital factor, simply because he believes and actually does keep himself very physically fit, and therefore in his heart and actions knows how important the temple of the body is. It is vital we work closely with him. Shorten is right wing Labor, however socialism is too premature to be trusted because of our inherent greed and incompetence. Therefore the most intelligent and ruthless need to govern, using socialist principles and these are usually the rich. They also understand the value of money and hard work. Labor needs to prove it can be trusted with the economy although in all other aspects it is superior in idealism and goals particularly with the environment. If it can control the deficit and not waste money overspending on government then it might be worth supporting as the Liberals are inadequate in environmental policy.

In fact it may be the case that communist China has actually manipulated our currency and prematurely ended the mining boom as punishment for voting out a socialist government. One cannot underestimate the nefariousness of China despite its obvious prime goal of economic wealth, in also having a global political agenda particularly given Australia’s Asiatic location. Still we need not be afraid of this but instead use this to our own ends to better our country, in particular by exercising our educational institutions to secure a democratic China with free elections in the immediate future. This will be essential to world stability and universal human rights. To this extent a time line needs to be created of about 20 years to achieve this such that it is before China gains economic dominance over the US. To achieve this a better solution is required than that of Russia’s transition into oligopoly from communism. One that will need to win over the hearts and minds of China’s communist party to see that it is in their best interests to democratise, perhaps in stages, by allowing a limited opposition in a new constitutional framework with a semi-democratic parliament. Rapid change is not greeted well by the communists, but a sequential organised logical transition that can convince the leadership of not just economic benefits but social improvement and equality for the poor, should engender a level of trust where the process can begin. We recommend that the Chinese government allow freely elected members at a rate of 5% per year of their legislature. In 20 years it will be a full democracy. Chinese population be given the vote to freely elect initially 5% of communist party seats. Gradually increasing powers of freedom of speech, assembly, human rights etc need to be instituted at the same time in order for this to be genuine reform and not a rubber stamp.




In Australia what is required is a new Constitution with a new form of governmental parliamentary system beyond the Westminster adversarial system which encourages cooperation rather than competition between the parties and their representatives.

This system needs to be based on a modification of the Swiss Confederation model where consensus decision making rules and all parties receive cabinet positions based on the % of vote they have won and in this way all views are represented and considered before action is taken. In a way this is a very conservative approach however it seems to produce the most stable and reliable and efficient form of government. In reality it is simply the most intelligent way to progress and explains partly why Switzerland is one of the most efficient, competent and wealthiest countries in the world. Recent socialist Swiss moves to remove this conservative system into a winner takes all system like ours are to be repudiated on the basis the zealous greed of one party to push through its agenda regardless of consensus does not necessarily mean they are right.




Once the ultra capitalist stage is exhausted then the stage after this will allow for cooperatives and government ownership. It is a natural progression in fact as the user paying for all will create the environment for the user to own all including his or her own workplace through share ownership transfers in corporations to employees in exchange for performance goals met. Through a gradual process the private shares owned in companies will be made more equal between employees. A certain level of general public ownership of company shares may be necessary for some time allowing private individual or corporate stimulus into companies to stimulate growth and innovation. The huge control of shares through super funds are already an example of a self evolvingmechanism of collective public ownership of capital.


Politically this ULTRACAPITALISM may be the best next stage for humanity as a whole, however it does not mean that UOCA will follow this path – UOCA must be based on the highest possible spiritual teachings and as such must operate only by donation for all its services providing the proto-type for the Utopia of Earth. UOCA ashrams will be at least 10 stages ahead of the rest of the planet.




'UOCA offers the path and The Way to bring peace to the undividual and the planet.'


Rainbow Ashrams will be set up worldwide. Currently possibilities are Ubud in Bali, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, United States and Australia. There is an ashram in Nymboida, NSW - if you are interested in this please email.



Ashrams will be set up in Australia - possibly in Tasmania, Nimbin and a quiet bush location in country Victoria. It is hoped to move to a larger ashram in North Queensland in accordance with Project Eden.



A village community of Rainbow is hoped to manifest creating a town that will be called Rainbow. You are welcome to come here and be part of the Rainbow vision of UOCA and contribute in your own way to this unique experiment in living by love and through donation rather than charging money. People who want to be part of this non-profit charitable trust set up need to discuss it with us and be prepared to sign a village code.


The residence will have bedrooms for long term residents. One bedroom will be a dormitory for short term accommodation in a yogic environment. The houses will have nice open plan living, area for yoga classes inside and out, and also kitchen. Other rooms will be maintained for office, yoga and meditation practice and classes.




The end goal is paradise and utopia to ascend in harmony with nature. For more information on this rawfood garden of Eden see Project Eden.




There is a way out of the heart of darkness of greed

that will return us to paradise...


An Undividual – believes in a symbolic fantasy world where anything is possible with love as ultimately we are all equal – therefore UOCA has a planetary goal of nurturing those in poverty in our states and the developing economies by wealth redistribution done gently through the child’s magic of loving respect and not by humiliation, war and exploitation.


You make your universe by what you do right now!




Take action. Join.

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