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Our goal is to become a more conscious, enlightened being called an


Description: Description: Description: image002.gif  - instead of divided inside this being will be undivided and so one with all. We want to work for this in the world. A being of peace not war, of love not hate, without anger or jealousy, but filled with creative energy. A passion not of reckless action, but a passion for life and love.





One that sees the self as integral and unopposed to not only his fellow humans, but also to all things of this universe and as such totally bonding with the environment, with this life support system, this planet Earth. A BEING who can fully unite and create with her or his mind yet is not attached to the mind. Can see beyond it. Witness this beautiful existence, and not be attached to it - always grateful of this gift, always accepting, trusting, giving, caring and sensitive - in harmony. One who can expand others and her or his potentials without thought or fear of competition, but for the sheer joy of it.




Where crime dies for lack of want. Where no locks are necessary as there will be no desire to possess, all will be shared. Passed on without attachment as the transient material phenomenon it is. Where there will always be an abundance. Where technology will be designed, made and co-operated with by the UNdividual and not operating us as is the current situation with the individual.



An Undividual – believes in a symbolic world where anything is possible with the child like innocence of love – UOCA’s planetary goal of nurturing the developing economies and wealth redistribution done gently through the magic of loving respect and toleration, and not by war and exploitation.


What is WNA for?

The Worldwide Network of Ascension.

The purpose of WNA collectives are to get people together in your local area through a Worldwide Network to Ascend yourself and others together:


1.                Bring Enlightenment to your local community via holistic system of balanced spiritual awareness through health, yoga, exercise and nutrition and by helping to ascend the individual and also through collective consciousness to ascend humanity as a whole and so create the utopia for the planet so bringing heaven to earth as Revelations revealed.




Project Eden – will manifest the prototype of this utopia.


A WNA will:

- provide courses and classes to the local community

- educate them in UOCA's system

- be trained in UOCA's yoga

- manage a centre collective

- promote UOCA

- to assist UOCA Yoga Ashrams in the area



2. Help as activists to rejuvenate the population and redistribute wealth fairly by phasing out the current economic and healthcare systems and nation states which are pseudo-democratic and in fact controlled disproportionately by a capitalist elite. WNA will use the current pseudo-democratic political system to reform the government and constitution by mobilising the masses through local WNA collectives and if necessary forming a political party.



3. Use people power organising a non-cooperation, non-violent reform movement similar to those Gandhi used via WNA collectives set up in all communities across all racial, cultural and religious sectors to bring about change and to support reform of the system.



4. To support UOCA's aims and political goals. See the Thousand Year plan at Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)



5. To obey and promote UOCA's Communist Spiritual Manifesto's Ten Rights. See Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)






WNA’s and Ashrams will be set up according to genetic structure of the human cell which is explained in Revelations. Naturally our organisational structure will replicate our human cell structure. It is the God given blue print to humanity’s divinity and the perfect order of society. Each Collective will have 23 couples and 2 single people (representing the X, Y or X, X sex chromosomes in human DNA) on its council with a controller. They will be referred to as Chromosomes. The Chromosomes will each have functions similar to those of the actual cellular chromosomes only for the body of that collective or Cell – or Church. These Chromosomes may also be referred to as elders. A Cell will not gain full voting rights in UOCA’s government until it has all its chromosomes.


The mystical universe will be gradually revealed through the great scriptures of all religions, through the miraculous discoveries of modern science and through gnostic direct channelled experience or yogic meditative psionics of the Divine.




If you would like to form a WNA collective in your area:


1. You must be a member of UOCA and agree to follow its constitution and rules.

2. You will be provided with course information and training in UOCA methods.

3. You will be provided with marketing tools and advertising to promote UOCA.

4. You will be given support in the above via email and telephone.

5. You will be encouraged to attend training seminars.

6. You may also apply for financial and other assistance.





What you have to do first:



Please read about this organisation to ascend humanity, UOCA (Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension) and make a decision if it is what you believe in. Also see UOCA's TM magazine on human rights, environmental, religious and social issues. You may wish to contribute an article.

If it is right for you then you may wish to join UOCA and form a WNA collective, email the
membership form to join to UOCA and help form a WNA collective in your area. This will be sent to the members for approval. See UOCA Membership Conditions.






Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)




Mobile: 0457 414301 Telstra






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There is a way out of the darkness of greed that will return us to paradise... UOCA

















You may also be interested in other UOCA projects:-




Please email me if you would like to help create

1. UOCA's yoga ashrams - an ashram is being set up in NSW in Australia now - if you would like to visit or live in this ashram contact us.

2. WNA collective in your area

3. Experischool - alternative yoga based school for educating children.

4. Project Eden - raw food community to transform the planet and our health system.

5. TMMAG – UOCA’s media magazine

6. AV – audio visual channellings, music, videos of UOCA. Including future prophecy and messages time capsuled to the future.


To access all information go to UOCA's index page (newsletter, education, diaries, film, stories, cv, business plan click here) See








Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension will be a non-profit charity and a constitution has already been drafted and simply needs government registration and fee paid. As soon as this is done any donations will be tax deductable and the charitable fund should be exempt of income tax and possibly GST.

The Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension is based upon all the teachings received by James Travers-Murison in his short life to date. will give you links to all essential information about the holistic nature of UOCA including its politics, education, social policies, history, philosophy, courses, theology and science. Including its basis in a new form of spiritual communism to evolve the planet to an Utopia following the principles of the true Rainbow Tribe which encompasses the entire spectrum of humanity.


In terms of religious prophecy from a biblical Judeo-Christian perspective UOCA represent the return of the 13th Tribe – the Rainbow Tribe of Joseph that will lead Israel and humanity to the second coming and world peace. However its main purpose will be a uniting of all the world religions and every other religion will have a similar prophecy in it. December 21 2012 marks the end of the old era and the beginning Galactically of the new Rainbow era and the official formation of the new world religion.


This form of communism has very little connection to the Communism practised in totalitarian nations last century (UOCA opposes this form of communism). It is a significant evolution from Marxism, which UOCA believes contains many errors including the flawed concept of "violent" revolution as a basis of change and an incorrect understanding of market forces and value based on labour to produce. Change must be based upon 'ahimsa' - non-violence or it will carry the seeds of its own destruction. Ananda Marga's concept of PROUT best encompasses the theory of Rainbow Spiritual Communism, although this theory is also incomplete and UOCA will perfect it and replace it.


UOCA considers that it may be that the next best stage for the planet is a period of ultra-capitalism. When the user is forced to pay for absolutely everything then he will take responsibility for his actions. Click here for more on this stage and UOCA’s immediate social and political aims.




'UOCA offers the path and The Way to bring peace to the undividual and the planet.'



Rainbow Ashrams will be set up worldwide. Currently possibilities are Ubud in Bali, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, United States and Australia. There is an ashram in Nymboida, New South Wales, Australia - if you are interested in this please email.



Ashrams will be set up in Australia - possibly in Tasmania, Nimbin and a quiet bush location in country Victoria. It is hoped to move to a larger ashram in North Queensland in accordance with Project Eden.




A village community of Rainbow is hoped to manifest creating a town that will be called Rainbow. You are welcome to come here and be part of the Rainbow vision of UOCA and contribute in your own way to this unique experiment in living by love and through donation rather than charging money. People who want to be part of this non-profit charitable trust set up need to discuss it with us and be prepared to sign a village code.


The residence will have bedrooms for long term residents. One bedroom will be a dormitory for short term accommodation in a yogic environment. The houses will have nice open plan living, area for yoga classes inside and out, and also kitchen. Other rooms will be maintained for office, yoga and meditation practice and classes.




The end goal is paradise and utopia to ascend in harmony with nature. For more information on this rawfood garden of Eden see Project Eden.






You make your universe by what you do right now!




Take action. Join.



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