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uoca_vector1UOCA Rainbow Yoga Ashram






A small boutique non-profit yoga ashram with three guest rooms has been acquired near Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay in Australia, for up to six short term guests wishing to stay a week – please fill out the application form in the menu at the top.


Bookings can be made now from February 2017 and after.


Collectively ascend!                         




If you decide to apply then fill in the application form

(downloadable on-line) and email it to below.



People interested are welcome to contact UOCA –


Phone: 0457414301

international +61457414301





Private classes will be conducted at the ashram. James is an internationally qualified yoga teacher and was a lawyer from Melbourne who worked in top international firms worldwide. Has over 25 years experience in yoga worldwide and has spent years in India with masters and will be there to personally guide you through your deep inner experiences and awakening to find out who you really are and how love and life can fulfill you beyond all expectations. He embraces all religions and is interfaith.




The yoga ashram is in a beautiful quiet two storey house in a very secluded subtropical location in natural rainforest near Nymboida. There is an open yoga and meditation area inside. Days are sunny, warm and subtropical. 260 acres of hilly rainforest walks with spectacular views, and aboriginal sacred caves nearby. Summer 30 C – October to March and Winter 20 C - April to September.




It has an area outside for yoga on grass, a veranda for yoga and an area inside. Kitchen, dining and relaxation area. Blended into nature. Large fireplace for cool winter nights.


The house blends into nature and is run on environmentally friendly sustainable energy – solar power. Water is pure from the mountain rains. Organic vegetables and fruit are grown on site.





Each bedroom is separately positioned, opening to a central lounge. The house is surrounded by the fruit garden then forest eucalypts and sub-tropical rainforest. There is a Meditation and Yoga room in the tropical garden.




And idyllic pond to bathe in on humid summer days.


The ashram is overlooking the forest and rainforest near the hills of the Nymboida National Park.



It is silent. Perfect for meditation. You will not see another soul apart from those here.




The Rainbow ashram is in a beautiful quiet place for meditation and reflection; though music is encouraged that is in harmony with the ideals of the organisation. There will be live meditational music nights called Kirtan followed by Satsangs (divine discussions on spiritual truth) – bring an instrument. Some retreats are shamanic, Tantric and naturist, enquire if interested in these retreats.

Meditation and Yoga are practiced here with a daily schedule; guests and residents are required to attend starting 5 am – dawn and dusk is the best time of day according to the ancient sutras. It is not necessary to have had previous experience in meditation or yoga - this will be taught.

Depending on the retreat there will also be an intensive fitness program associated with the yoga classes. This may include extensive outdoor fitness pursuits - bush walking, jogging, swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, caving, scuba diving, sky diving, yachting, etc. Participation will be optional and charges may apply. There is a kayak course on the Nymboida river. Mountain bike track and trail running next door. Pilgrimage Tours to holy lands will be available soon.

More sedate retreats are available for those wishing to relax and go deep within.


Unfortunately, there is no mobile reception, and please don’t bring a computer, laptop or tablet. Your retreat is designed to have a break from these devices. To go deep inside yourself without distractions. If you plan to do business away from the office here, better to rethink your plans and why you wish to come here (exception for activists involved with WNA projects).








Residents are not to consume alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar, and tobacco. Alternative medicine is strongly encouraged and pharmaceutical drugs discouraged.


Resident's diet would be high quality organic 80-100% RAWFOODS and about 0-20% macrobiotic Vegan with light cooking. Rawfoods would be encouraged and should be most of the diet. Processed foods are discouraged.






Alternative health practitioners are welcome. Therapeutic Massage is offered as are alternative medicine including homeopathic and naturopathic remedies by certified consultants for additional costs.








Short term stays of a week minimum – must make a donation contribution to costs for the intensive personal development one week to change your life (see end of application form for details, the donation may alter at any time and enquire about the introductory opening special half price - note – higher income earners may have to donate more). This includes private room, all meals, yoga and meditation classes, massage, bush walks, spiritual healing, spiritual education, rawfood nutrition classes and transport to the ashram and from it to Grafton. If you wish to camp your donation can be reduced significantly.

The ashram is non-profit and under a trust. For those in financial hardship or wish to work as a volunteer under the WWOOF program please fill out the application form and write WWOOF in retreat details, then email your circumstances stating what you are able to contribute in work combined with donation and they will be fairly considered, or look into a long term residency here.

The program is intense, one to one, small groups of generally at most six people and very personal. If you want to make profound changes in your life then this is for you. It will give you the basic tools to become a yogi and rejuvenate your health both physically and mentally. Payment can be made after your application is accepted and instructions will be given to pay online using credit card via Paypal. A deposit is required to secure your booking. Bookings can be made now for February 2017 onwards.



Long term residents or WWOOFers click here


If you are interested in short term WWOOFing work or staying long term (3 months at least to go deep into your practice) also fill out the form.


Long term residents must join Rainbow UOCA. If you join you will in effect become a founding member of the UOCA Rainbow organisation, so it is important to read as much information located on these websites links at the end of this page before making your decision.








1.     Workshops, retreats and classes in UOCA yoga and meditation will be developed and offered to all at various locations near Byron Bay.

2.    Also courses in massage, t'ai chi, art, painting, dance, music including guitar, singing, poetry, writing, acting, photography, video and possibly film are being developed here. Musicians and singers are welcome.

3.    Here is an example training course on nutrition and Depression Recovery and 8 Powers to master your mind.

4.    Adventure fitness programs is being developed.

5.    An online newsletter-magazine is also being produced and website - see UOCA's radical TM magazine on human rights, environmental, religious and social issues - also film scripts, books, diaries, etc. You

may wish to contribute an article. Or see TMMAG for our Ezine belonging to Enligtenart Media.

6.  Political activism is part of the aims of the ashram and assistance will be given to social and environmental activism and reform including media studies. See below end of webpage.









Particularly financial assistance as well as residents are sought. If you would like to make a donation please contact us. Cheques, credit card via Paypal or money orders are acceptable and can be made anonymously.



If you want more information or to join UOCA but are not yet ready for ashram life then please go to Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)





 Please note that a deposit of 33% is required on booking (i.e. deposit for one week intensive retreat) and the remainder must be paid in advance before arrival. No refunds are available for cancellations or dissatisfaction or early departure. It may be possible to change booking dates. It is advisable that you make a strong commitment to going through the retreat 7 days before booking. In spiritual transformation strong emotions can arise and you must be prepared for this and committed to go through the process before booking. For further information email – info@wna.org.au








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